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Robert L. Zeid, the Principal Consultant of TLI Development, has over 31 years experience in pharmaceutical development

Prior to forming TLI Development in 1997, Mr. Zeid worked in the regulatory affairs groups at AAI (now aaiPharma), Univax Biologics (now NABI Biologics), and SmithKline & French Laboratories (now GlaxoSmithKline).

He also provided freelance medical and technical writing services for projects ranging from development of novel anti-infective agents and AIDS drugs to editing pharmacology textbooks.

Prior to working in regulatory affairs, he worked as a research scientist in the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Wright State University - School of Medicine (Dayton, OH) doing work on the cardiovascular and autonomic effects of dopaminergic and alpha adrenergic receptor antagonists on the nigrostriatal pathways and its impact on rewarded behavior and addiction. 

Later, he worked as a bench scientist at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at SmithKline & French Laboratories (Philadelphia, PA) doing research on the antihypertensive properties of novel alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonists and research on the anti-anginal properties of novel dopaminergic agonists. 

Mr. Zeid has written and presented widely on comparability and demonstrating therapeutic equivalence of biosimilars. He was a member of the USP Complex Actives Project Team, as well as the Generic Pharmaceuticals Association (GPhA) Biotechnology Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). He has also presented on Team Biologics inspections, electronic tracking systems for change control, and numerous other topics.

After receiving a Baccalaureate degree in Science (Microbiology) from Ohio University in 1979, Mr. Zeid continued post-baccalaureate studies in neuroanatomy, pharmacology, and law at Wright State University (Dayton, OH).

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What we do ...

            it's in our DNA

My mother came to this country in 1921 when she was barely a year old.  Her parents, Marcus Kokocynski and Rita Atlas Garbarz - a star of Yiddish Theater in her homeland - left Poland to make a new life.test

Rita and Marcus Cook raised their three children, Frances, Beatrice, and Richard, in the heart of East St. Louis in the long shadow of WWI, through the depths of the Depression, and the horrors of WWII. Their ability to adapt to a new world and for the family to prosper together was a testament to their tenacity and force of will. 

When Rita faced a life-threatening infection in the 1950s, had it not been for a wonder drug called penicillin, she would not have lived to see her grandchildren born.

If I can contribute in some small way to escorting a new drug to market - and the promise of hope that goes with it - then I will do right by their memory and homage to those who share those same traits - patience and a durable faith.      


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